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GPS digital travel guides

racontour® is the audio upgrade service of navigatour®, a GPS travel service that takes the hard work and hassle out of touring.

We allow people find all that is great about an area with ease. Our apps have information on the location and contact details of all of the best activities, attractions and hidden gems of an area. All you have to do is choose your tour and download the material onto your GPS device and away you go. It’s as simple as that.

Cross-platform apps

We offer native apps for both Android and iPhone, cross-platform apps that work on most GPS devices a Download the Donegal App, our leading native app to see how far the concept can be taken – nearly six hundred points of interest covered over seven tours on one native app, all for free.

Supported devices including Garmin, TomTom, Windows Mobile, iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Sat nav devices need MP3 in order to enjoy racontour® audio services. 2018 UPDATE: ALL NATIVE APPS HAVE BEEN WITHDRAWN UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.

racontour audio guides

Listen to a local voice or an actor telling you about that place as you approach it using our upgraded audio service racontour®, which is triggered by the sat nav co-ordinates of the area. This allows you to instantly experience the true ‘flavour’ and social history of that area. racontour® finally removes that ‘dead time’ on your travels and allows you to hear about a place as well as see it in all its glory.

Going the extra mile

navigatour® and racontour® GPS travel services are highly regarded because we see each and every project as a challenge to be relished. We endeavour to get the most interesting material in any location and ensure it is told by someone who tells the story with gusto and panache. Sample our rich range of material and hear first hand why we are the leaders in this exciting new medium.