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2024 tours

2024 Tours Portfolio

We are delighted to be offering an eclectic range of tours that sets us apart in Ireland. Tours that shine a light on the topics that have made this island famous – literature, folklore, mythology, scenery and rebellion. We strive to go off the grid and to really get in to what the landscape reveals – if you know where to look. We’ve done the homework, allowing you to enjoy the touring.

We are licensed to carry up to 16 in a minibus and 8 in a limousine. That’s how we tour – with smaller numbers so we can give you a ‘hands-on’ experience. Good luck to those folk on a 52 seater zombus! Let’s get a plan underway via a consultation and help to make that long postponed trip to Ireland a little bit more special with one of our tours. To whet your appetite, some of the bespoke tours we are currently finalising include: –

Bespoke Tours

Got places of your own that you’d like us to go on around the island of Ireland? We will certainly try and accommodate, but should say upfront we are keen to offer something beyond the usual tourism drill of Ireland’s ‘greatest hits’.  Yes, we will do the Cliffs of Moher – but only if say you are a big fan of Dusty Springfield and wish to salute where half of her ashes were scattered.

We’re not totally precious, honest! We just want to take you to places that the masses aren’t aware of. Places where our old friends the 52 seater ‘zombuses’ cannot go. Our priority is to provide a once-in-a-lifetime tour that you’ll remember fondly for years. Get in touch soon to secure a place!

Birth of a Nation Tour – Central Dublin

Beyond the Georgian spendour of the Parnell Square architecture and the grand boulevard of O’Connell Street lies a moving story of how Ireland fought hard to gain her independence. To many O’Connell Street is the epicentre, but each and every serious stakeholder that had ‘skin in the game’ features on Parnell Square, from Sinn Féin to Michel Collins, the IRB to the AOH.
On the stonework of the Charles Stewart Parnell monument, it states ‘No Man has a right to fix the boundary to the march of a nation. No man has a right to say to his country “Thus far shalt thou go and no further”.  These evocative words set the tone for a two-hour tour that starts at Parnell Square and finishes up on Dame Street opposite Trinity College.

Celtic Calendar Tour – Nationwide

Our ancestors here in Ireland certainly paid great attention to the passing of the seasons and were alert to the need to act accordingly, be in planting or harvesting. A whole host of events and superstitions also developed around the four key days of each of the seasons being the cross-quarter days of Imbolc for Spring, Bealtaine for Summer, Lughnasa for Autumn and Samhain for Winter. 

Over the course of the year, let us guide you to the key locations and festivals now in place for each of the cross-quarter days. Samhain is no longer the big noise festival as Imbolc now merits its own public holiday with a full-on festival in Dublin. And yes, both Bealtaine and Lughnasa are well celebrated.

Donegal’s Hallowed Sites – North West

Enjoy 25 places in the most beautiful county in Ireland that are justifiably saluted by locals. Have a look at the link and allow yourself a week to properly savour each of these places. The last remnant from my defunct Donegal App, updated as a 2021 pandemic project, this is a labour of love of places in my home county that stand out for all the right reasons.

We welcome you to enjoy a deep-dive insight into these places in advance by listening to our playlist which features many of the actual people associated with the place. Best enjoyed on Spotify, complete with music, once done we’d be delighted to bring these places to life over the course of a week. With enough notice, we may be able to have some of those recorded involved. 

Guinness Deluxe Pilgrimage – Nationwide

Our flagship tour taking you around the country over either 3 or 7 days for a deep dive into the history and wonder of both the famous brew and the family behind it. This unique tour takes you from a tour of the brewery (not just the storehouse) to where it all began with a host of tales in between.

Along the way, highlights include finding out exactly where the name originates (both the ‘Arthur’ and the ‘Guinness’) where the Guinnesses lived and where they now rest, where the brew was discovered quite by chance and where the source of the brew’s water comes from. Over several days, staying in Ireland’s best accommodations, we will bring you to the sacred places that form part of the Guinness story. Limited season and numbers – early booking advised.

Heroes and Villains Tour – Nationwide

A follow-on from my highly-acclaimed 2023 tour theme (see the reviews at the page end). With nonchalant passivity, history lobs its protagonists into one of two camps as either hero or villain. Occasionally, some end up as both! I seek to tell you about a range of colourful characters from Irish history, some well-known, others forgotten that deserve to be told.

I literally know where all the bodies are buried – and I know their tales. Ireland is home to some unlikely heroes like St. Valentine and St. Nicholas no less, as well as villains like Lord Haw-Haw or Strongbow. Everyone from Charlie Haughey to Herman Gōrtz, Michael Collins to De Valera, Oliver Reed to Queen Medh, Typhoid Mary to Paddy Mayne are covered –  if you so wish.

Irish Writers Tour – Nationwide

I was going to call this the ‘Dead Poets Society tour’, but this tour will be dealing with more than just poets and will take into account songwriters, novelists and playwrights. If you have your own favourite Irish writer, we’ll endeavour to include them on the tour.

Many of our best-known writers have their own museums, albeit part-time and with notice needed for some such as Joyce, Yeats, McGahern, Heaney, Kavanagh and Ledwidge. Lest you think it’s a boys’ club, we feature Dorothy McArdle, Edna O’Brien, Eithne Carbery, Kate O’Brien, Ella Young (with hat in video still) as well as Mary Mitchell and the Brontë sisters Irish connections.

Ireland’s West End Wonders Tour – Covent Garden

With an emphasis on Irish writers/performers, we will take you around the famous theatreland that is the West End of London. Everyone from Charles Macklin to Oscar Wilde, Sheridan to Shaw are covered finishing up in one of the true hidden gems of London. Indeed it’d be hard to imagine the West End’s global reputation without these giants of stage being an integral part of it.

We’ll also feature anecdotes about great Irish thespians from Richard Harris to Peter O’Toole. This is an occasional tour designed for lovers of the stage. I’d considered finishing the tour with a play, but Messrs. Harris, O’Toole and Macklin would expect us to salute them with something wet – and so we shall.

Myths and Monsters Tour – Nationwide

Want to find the locations that are key to Irish mythology or sites that are associated with the macabre? From Cú Chulainn to the Morrigan, the Abhartach to the Dubh Dorachu, we’ll bring you there and tell you the stories along the way as featured in our terrifying Halloween Archive.

Ireland is awash with so many stories that chill the bones. Many of these places offer more than a grain of truth to them and we know where they are. This is a tour that we are happy to alter for you if at all possible. Just let us know what you wish to see and we will add it in if not too out of the way – like say Hy Brasil!

Wild Atlantic Wonders –  West Coast

A tour that will go out of its way to show you places that are off piste and away from the hordes along the famous route that hugs the west coast of Ireland. If you want the Cliffs of Moher and Blarney Castle, this is is not for you as we know of higher cliffs and better castles along the way.

The big ticket item for Ireland over the last few years has been the linear Wild Atlantic Way tour running some 2600kms from Cork to Donegal. As you’ll see from the vintage promo video for our defunct Donegal App, we’ve been fans of it for years! It’s a punishing route for the uninitiated, so let us do the hard work and take you to the best parts, the out of the way spots that really let you get a sense of the full power and awe of this magnificent ocean.