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  1. Daniel Cassidy
    January 10, 2016 @ 1:58 pm

    Nicely judged preamble!

    It takes a stalwart character to go beyond the white heat of patriotism that blurred the vision of many in 1923 to the well reasoned perspective displayed by your grandfather.

    Acknowledging his obligation to his constituency and his country, I am sure his conscience was clear that he did his best despite a clear continuation of his own heartfelt desire for a sovereign united Ireland.

    The Treaty as a stepping stone argument in light of the war weary population is well made.

    Nobility is evident in this independence of thought and courageous stand for passionately held beliefs irrespective of the number or status of the naysayers.

    His speech was a fine mix of logic, common sense and compassion.

    Courting popularity was, I’m sure, not a pastime of Peter John Ward, however and this is important, from the FF stronghold of my own family, if he and I were contemporaries, I would have proudly and confidently voted for him.

    Daniel Cassidy