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Becoming a vocal local

Podcasting is an essential communication tool these days. Setting one up poses a number of considerations, which we’ll happily help you out with. The first things you need to be asking are:

  • what is it you want to actually say
  • have a passion and knowledge for
  • can sustain in a structured, regular and engaging manner

Subjects of content, format, technical, recording, editing, hosting and distribution all need serious work. Yes, podcasting is for the bold and the brave – let’s help you cover each of these areas. 


Flourishing with style

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There is good news though. Podcasting is relatively straightforward with the right sort of planning. It is that pre-production set up that we would be working on with you. It’s here where you can hopefully realise that you have what it takes.

Remember the old ads about a pet being not just for Christmas? Once you have a podcast established, your growing audience will have expectations. They’ll want to hear a regular pattern and a variety of new and original material uploaded. So yes, be ready for the long haul. Thankfully, there are the benefits of increased brand awareness, lead generation or thought leadership. Whatever the reason you’re setting it up, a well-made podcast is a great way of engaging with your audience. 

Case Study - us!

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A great way to showcase your wares

Our own podcasts are in a deliberately varied style. We showcase the many shades and depths of Irish culture, folklore and heritage. There are hundreds of episodes with plenty of themes and hundreds of voices to date. Our extensive audio collections have had over 15,000 listens to date.

Click on the audio archive link to see how we collate our many episodes. Our preferred host is Audioboom which has a clean and user-friendly UI. Our preferred recording software is Hindenburg which is a most impressive and affordable system. We’ll happily wax lyrical about their many other benefits in time.