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Content Creation

Content Creation

Words matter!

Want to see traffic increase on your website? Need to add some serious vim to your material? We’ll ensure that both occur with our content creation for you.

Good copy is more than just fancy words, it is knowing about selling and getting in active language and power words. It is about being direct, getting on the side of the reader and engaging with them from the get-go. 

Our various guides and blogs show we can write copy for travel and culture. With our Content Creation division, we are firmly focused on your business’s goals. We will listen to your needs before following the winning steps below.

Best of all, our initial no obligation consultation is free.  

Get your business noticed with these easy steps

We’ve kept the plan stripped down to the bone here with just the bullet points – if you’re serious about changing your message, we’ll be happy to go into detail.  Once you’re on board, we’ll take you through a series of steps that will really add colour to your copy:

  1. ‘Clear communication basics’
  2. The ‘So What?’ test
  3. Show, don’t tell
  4. How to create personas 

  5. The secrets to compelling copy
  6. How to successfully Know – Feel – Do
  7. Creating powerful Calls To Actions
  8. Formula #1: Problem-Agitate-Solution
  9. Formula #2: Attention-Interest-Desire-Action
  10. Creating great headlines
  11. Writing good web copy 

  12. Press Releases
  13. Case Studies