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Oral history is a field of study and a method of gathering, preserving and interpreting the voices and memories of individuals, communities, and participants in past events. It is both the oldest type of historical inquiry, predating the written word, and one of the most modern, first with tape recorders in the 1940s and now using 21st-century digital technologies like the ones we do for use on GPS audio guides or podcasts.

Oral history guardians

Each community is but a custodian of an area to be passed on in good order for the next generation. There are few more engaging batons that can be received from that generation than knowledge and insight gained from an earlier one in different times. Ensure your locality is doing itself proud by preparing the groundwork for this treasure-trove and when ready, get in touch with us to bring it to life – let your area’s story blossom.

What exactly is oral history?

In his book, Doing Oral History, Donald Ritchie helpfully explains, “Oral History collects memories and personal commentaries of historical significance through recorded interviews.  An oral history interview generally consists of a well-prepared interviewer questioning an interviewee and recording their exchange in audio or video format.  Recordings of the interview are transcribed, summarized, or indexed and then placed in a library or archives. These interviews may be used for research or excerpted in a publication, radio or video documentary, museum exhibition, dramatization or other form of public presentation. Recordings, transcripts, catalogs, photographs and related documentary materials can also be posted on the Internet.  Oral history does not include random taping, such as President Richard Nixon’s surreptitious recording of his White House conversations, nor does it refer to recorded speeches, wiretapping, personal diaries on tape, or other sound recordings that lack the dialogue between interviewer and interviewee.”


We have been recording oral histories for over ten years in a variety of formats. We’re well placed to help you bring your community’s oral history to life in a manner that is both informal, yet informed. In a country where the ‘gift of the gab’ is regarded as mandatory, we can be remarkably remiss is ensuring those best placed to share their voices and memories are in fact recorded before it is too late.

The Nautical App – Youghal

This was a native app with four audio tours around the coastal town of Youghal in County Cork involving its hidden gems, its heritage trail, a tour along the Blackwater River and the best attractions to visit around the locality. 

No longer available as a native app, you can still listen to the wealth of great local voices that bring this exciting seaside town to life in our four iFrames below. Everyone from John Huston to The Dubliners, Shakespeare to Walter Raleigh came here. We know you’ll enjoy the 60 best stories we recorded here.

Welcome to Youghal

The Youghal App offered guides to four tours on what to do around Youghal and its environs. It worked on both iPhone and Android devices with ease for free. As with other material, we hope it will go back up to form part of the Digital Landscape Garden in time.

Each guide consisted of an on-screen map, with text, images and audio clips about all the places of interest en route.

The audio clips were entertaining and informative, using local voices to tell visitors about their area; in total there were sixty audio pieces recorded to listen to. Telephone numbers, email addresses and websites of all places mentioned are all contained with a connection to them a click away.


Youghal Heritage Trail 

Follow the signposted trail, which takes in 17 points of interest around the town.

Youghal’s Hidden Gems

Hear about 20 points of interest around the town from locals that bring to life an aspect of days gone by.

Blackwater Valley Guide

From Lismore to Youghal, follow the last part of the mighty Blackwater river and hear about its rich and colourful history.

Youghal is the last port of call for the mighty 104 mile Blackwater river that has come all the way from North Kerry, famously swinging south at the dog leg in Cappaquin.

We won’t be telling you the full story, but as a precursor to any planned boat trip you take with Tony Gallagher, we’ve got a selection of stories from Tony himself, Mick Hackett, Kieran Groeger and Peter O’Connor that will captivate.

A special thanks to these raconteurs for helping to bring the stretch from Yougal to Lismore to life with such aplomb.

This App was made with funding from The Heritage Council.

Youghal’s Nearby Activities

Get full information on other activities to do in the town and for excursions as far as Trabolgan and the
Copper Coast.

Lest you feel Youghal has nothing but heritage to offer, here’s a selection of the best activities and attractions within 30 kms of the historic town in both Cork and Waterford directions.

This App was made with funding from The Heritage Council.

The Rural App – Roscommon

Our most comprehensive series of audio guides has to be the Real Roscommon Experience. This is a county whose time has come – both in GAA football and in offering a truly authentic slice of rural Ireland.

Enjoy six audio tours via a leisurely bicycle ride around Roscommon Town in the heart of Ireland. This tour has everything from ghost stories to the tale of the Big House, a journey to the bog and why it is such a wonder, a trip around a winding river, a journey to a medieval walled town, a trip around the heritage sites of South Roscommon and a best of Roscommon County:

  1. Rindoon Looped Trail – the lost town of the Shannon
  2. South Roscommon Heritage Guide – 22 hidden gems of Roscommon
  3. Best of Roscommon Guide – all you’ll need to enjoy the county
  4. Bog, Rock and Lough Trail – exploring the very heart of Ireland
  5. The Suck Valley Trail – serpent, saints and sinners
  6. Enchanted Mountain Trail – ghost stories galore
  7. Mote Park Trail – the Lion and the House

There is nothing quite like this for storytelling and travel combined in perfect harmony. Get started here.

The Poetic App – Yeats Country

Hear the stories as you travel around Yeats Country in the highly regarded Donegal App, Ireland’s most comprehensive smart travel guide. Yes, we know we’re taking poetic licence (as it were!) what with this being on an app already mentioned earlier, but we have a special pride in producing this tour, our first proper GPS audio tour. Call us sentimental!

One of the eight tours on the Donegal App is the Best of Donegal Bay tour. Within that tour is the Yeats Country audio guide, which brings the Sligo/Leitrim area to life by playing audio segments about certain places as you pass through them, on your GPS device.

This GPS audio guide brings you to each and every spot that William Butler Yeats is associated with in Counties Sligo and Leitrim. It tells you about his times there, what inspiration he got from the locations and, of course, we have some of his wonderful poetry narrated for you by talented actors and even the great man himself.

It was designed as a free two-day driving tour, working on MP3-enabled Garmin and TomTom sat nav devices, but also working on iPhones, iPads, Androids as well as Windows Mobile devices.

  • Day One takes in Knocknarea, Carrowmore, the Lake Isle of Inishfree and Lough Gill, Parkes Castle and Dromahair.
  • Day Two brings you to Glencar lake and waterfall, the mythical site where Diarmaid was betrayed under Ben Bulben, Lissadell House, Drumcliffe where Yeats is buried, Rosses Point and Sligo Town itself.

Please familiarise yourself with the numbered route in advance and ensure you read the directions given where it’s suggested you stop.

All guides are subject to acceptance of our Licence Agreement.

We hope you enjoy them!