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Creating effective heritage projects

A heritage supervisor and project manager since the mid-90s, I fully ‘get’ the passion that heritage instills in Ireland. For Heritage Council projects that require a qualified heritage supervisor, I can help if you answer ‘yes’ to these questions: – 

  • Does your community really need to have its rich heritage told?
  • Do you have local characters and eye-witnesses who can bring your area’s stories to life?  
  • Are you on a budget and have a can-do spirit about your project?

Good! Please see what services I can do below, click on the links and call me for a free consultation. If I can’t do it, I’ll suggest an organisation that can do so. Sound fair to you? I look forward to hearing from you so.

Creating effective heritage projects

What I don't do

Heritage conservation

Archaeological projects

Historic building repairs

Interpretive design

Museum curation

Let me introduce myself

My name is John a.k.a “Jack” Ward and I run Racontour Productions down in Wexford. That’s me third from the left in the photo down in one of the county’s many gems, Lady’s Island.

These days, completing a heritage project requires the wearing of several hats. I’m pleased to say that I come with an original array of necessary skills. As an oral historian, I know the components required to put a professional heritage project together. Better still, once it’s all assembled, I edit and mix the material for you. As a writer, I’ll ensure the copy is lively and engaging enough for the would-be visitor. And yes, as a (non-practising) lawyer, I’ll ensure that we prepare proper release forms and have all logistics in good order!

Heritage supervisor



Heritage Experience

I’ve been devising everything from heritage festivals to heritage trails and heritage documentaries for years. Covering all parts of the island, I will ensure your locality’s story is well told. Racontour seeks to preserve a community’s heritage while being able to use that source material to promote a locality.

Track record

That isn’t just a sales spiel – have a look around the Racontour website or indeed my LinkedIn profile to see recommendations and other projects. Being naturally curious, I’m available to work nationwide.  In these strange times, I’m fully aware of the need for value for money and a lot more innovation. 

Heritage Qualifications

Pride in heritage is something that cannot be taught. However, it helps to have the skills to bring that heritage to life. I’ve a Masters in Irish Studies and a B.Sc in Digital Technology and Design.

Combined, they allow me to be an effective manager in a number of areas.  My attention to detail and technical skills help bring a heritage project to life. Working well with people and having a positive mental attitude are also at play!

All projects referenced above have of course received generous support. I’ve worked for various councils and been funded by Fáilte Ireland, the Heritage Council, the Arts Council and the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland. 

Previously funded by:

Fáilte Ireland
Heritage Council