Welcome to the Audio Archive

Finding a local vocal focal point

Every locality has many stories to tell. Isn’t it time everyone got to know what your community’s are? At Racontour, we pride ourselves on the richness and variety of our audio content with Ireland’s very best storytellers. Our audio archive is brought to you on our Audioboom platform; hundreds of audio clips on a whole range of topics from Irish heritage, culture and travel. 

Producing an audio trail for you 

From the research to the interviewing, editing and producing, we have the tools – and the experience – to craft an exciting and compelling range of audio recordings from your locality. Scroll through our examples below and hear the difference: –

  • Got a Greenway or bicycle trail that deserves to be brought to life with the various stories and lore along the way? We can do that.
  • Got a heritage trail in your town whose many fascinating tales are crying out to be heard? We can do that too.
  • Got a Waymarked Way for hikers? We most certainly can do that.
  • Or want to extoll the many gems in your county? We love a challenge and can really conjure up something special here. 

If you like what you hear and have an audio project that we could help bring to life for all to enjoy, please get in touch

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Recommending the Halloween Archive

‘A nice dip into the cauldron of the other world for the night that’s in it…and for anyone looking for well researched info on Irish lore and customs in general, this is THE site. Years of painstaking work by John Ward, originally from Donegal, now available online for all in what is a real labour of love and an unmatched resource. Proceed with caution, you can really get lost in this…’

Catherine Rhatigan, artist, Switzerland,

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