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Guinness head

Guinness Deluxe Pilgrimage

Duty Bound

As a devotee of Guinness stout all my adult life, I thought a proper tribute to a brew with such a profound effect on the Irish pysche was due. I’d like to share the great Guinness stories with you all over the course of either a 3 Day or 7 Day Tour. I call it the ‘Guinness Deluxe Pilgrimage’ as it will reverentially cover all of the places associated with the black stuff. We’ll seek to bring out the very things that we associate with Guinness – free flowing talk and craic along the way.

Full Throttle

And yes, we call it ‘Deluxe’: in dealing with such a prestigious brand and family, only the best will do. There’s been no scrimping on the effort put into designing this tour and in execution, we are going for top-end accommodation and dining. A far cry from how many of us may have started life with Guinness as students? Definitely, but friend for life that it is, let’s savour it in middle age with all of the trappings available.

Pinting Boots

Have a look at the 3 or 7 day itineraries below. If one appeals, then you and up to five of your friends and family could be saluting the greatest beer in the world where it all began. All we ask is that you bring your A game, your hiking boots and indeed your pinting boots, polished and ready to celebrate one of life’s greatest gifts – a pint of well-poured Irish stout in the best of company. Sláinte.

2024: a stout odyssey

Few topics will get people as hot and sweaty as the right Guinness, how it is poured, 119.5 seconds, the second pour debate blah blah. I get it and wish to state that I am by no means a Guinnesseur as such, just a lover of the brew (with a figure confirming the fact) keen to tell you cracking stories.

This is a pilgrimage with storytelling, one where Guinness is front and centre of the mission, but where I hope to entertain, educate and inform folk along the way – together with five-star accommodations, spectacular scenery and the very best pubs. Once signed up, we’ll send on a few more features to whet your appetite in advance of your pilgrimage.



Three Day Pilgrimage

Designed for those on a tighter schedule, this tour gets in the absolute Must-See milestones on saluting Guinness. Included along the way are the following features: –

  • A tour of a former Guinness residence
  • The garden where the brew was ‘discovered’ 
  • A hike through Guinness country to Arthur’s Grave
  • Storehouse, lunch and a 3-hour tour of the brewery itself
  • Exploring nearby brewery sites benefitting from philanthropy

Seven Day Pilgrimage

Good things come to those with the necessary time to go the ‘whole hog’. Over an unforgettable week, we’ll explore the landmarks that inspired the family and the sites that they inspired. As well as enjoying all features of the three day tour, we also get to do the following bonus features: –

  • Staying overnight at a former Guinness castle
  • Exploring the landscape of their ancestors in Iveagh
  • Discovering all Dublin sites associated with the Guinnesses
  • Going to the mountains where the brew’s pure water comes from

 Gather your troops!

We hope we have set the scene and whetted your appetite accordingly. Share this page with your would-be Guinnesseurs and if you have any questions, feel free to email us at

We only plan to run this tour twice per month in the high season, so it is very much first come, thirst served. Please note that we won’t be running it with other cheaper accommodations, unless the ones mentioned are booked out. This tour is subject to acceptance of our Terms and Conditions.

A Guinness for A Guinness, yes?