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Digital Storytellers

About Us

Let’s make your locality’s story blossom

Got stories and characters galore to tell them in your locality? Don’t wait until it is too late, let us help you get a plan in place to record and promote your community’s rich heritage.

Whether it’s making a radio series, weekly podcasts, GPS audio tours or setting up a Rambling House storytelling centre, make your place flourish and see footfall increase accordingly.

We’re destination marketers specialising in digital heritage. If your locality has a lot to tell the world, let us help you bring those stories to life by capturing the true character of your area from the ‘horse’s mouth’.

Help preserve your heritage and promote your area as an appealing destination in one fell swoop. Have a look at our various services, hear some of the many tales we have recorded and get in touch when ready for a free consultation.



Highly Qualified Team

We have the skillset in both digital media and heritage faculties and have used them to produce an array of projects that both educate and entertain in line with our creed of storytelling that is informal, yet informed.

Personalised Travel Experiences

Ever locality has a different take and twist on life which we incorporate in searching out those hidden gems and forgotten stories.  Every half acre in Ireland has them and we will ensure they are found – it is our speciality!

Social Responsibility

We seek to preserve, protect and promote the voices and heritage of Ireland. As part of our Digital Landscape Gardening project, we are building an oral network and a digital archive to empower local communities. 

Our Services



Are you in need of a qualified heritage supervisor for your Heritage Council funded project? Do you wish to create a digital archive? We have a range of heritage services that can help get your heritage project off the ground. Visit our dedicated webpage and call us for a free consultation. 

Oral History

Oral History

Are you keen to gather, preserve and interpret the voices and memories of people, communities and participants in past events? With a solid track record in the dedicated field of oral history, we can produce a project that successfully captures the heritage of your area or family.

Audio Guides

Audio Guides

Not just audio guides, but a serious reboot on what a guide can do. We offer the most innovative and user-friendly guides possible. With audio, music, text and GPS coordinates offered in our Spotify playlists, we can (legally) offer the listener not just a guide, but a veritable soundscape.

Content Creation

Content Creation

Writing good copy involves a lot more than stringing a sentence together. There’s a knack to it that requires a clinical, almost brutal honesty and a series of hacks and formulas that need to be prepared. We’ll go through the message your business/community is currently saying, ask what it is you want to say and fine-tune that message.


Want to set up a regular podcast? Or a memorable radio documentary and have the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland help fund it? We can help with both and the questions you need to be asking beforehand. Dread the technical minutiae that each entails? We will research, record and take care of the tricky details allowing you to focus on the project. 

Destination Marketing

With years of travel marketing experience and a Distinction in digital marketing from the Technology University in Dublin, we’ll take great pride in ensuring that your area’s strengths and USP are brought to the fore via a five-step plan. Once read and completed, why not call us for a free consultation and sense what we can do for your locality?

Event Management

Having organised everything from festivals to international tourist fairs, exhibitions to parades, theatre productions to storytelling nights, we are confident in helping to bring a new angle to your festival or event. Meticulous planning and an eye for detail are key of course, but so is the ability to allow some creativity and flexibility. Talk to us about what you have in mind and let us help you bring that plan to life.


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Contact Us

Got a heritage idea that you want some advice on?

Feel you could help bring a Rambling House to life in your locality?

Keen to become part of the Digital Landscape Garden as a volunteer in due course?

Get in touch and do exactly what we’re saluting by talking – there’s no better way of progressing an idea.  

Your opinions are important to us. Whether it is a simple question or a valuable suggestion, we are here Monday – Friday: 9 AM – 5.30 PM.

You can call us by phone or email us directly.

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