Rambling House

Rambling House

Hear great Irish stories from Inishowen up in County Donegal, all from our storytelling section, Rambling House.

This was also the name of our radio series on Inishowen Community Radio station in 2009.

Its format was to go to a different authentic location over six weeks with a different theme each time, all of which you can hear on the scrollbar below.

The audience would be told a bit about that theme by the two presenters after which anyone was welcome to add in their views and tales on that, or indeed any other subject.

Rambling House review

‘A fantastic nod to the old Donegal tradition of ceiling, Rambling House and its associated recordings tapped into the oral and social culture of Donegal to capture vanishing stories. It is instructive as a method of re-energising culture and also of documenting important aspects of our lore and storytelling heritage’.

Audit of Oral History Recordings for County Donegal

Dr. Tomás Mac Conmara, November 2017

Getting it just right

There’s a lot more to organising a successful night of tales than just hoping for the best.
We’ve done this to a high degree with great results and would be happy to explore how your community could create a great free set piece to offer returning natives or tourists during the summer months. See our Rambling House page for more details.
From finding the right venue and host to organising what we call the Rambling Reporters, there’s also the audience ‘plants’, the catering, the parking, the themes and the music.
Truly, there’s a lot that goes into a good night that goes according to plan! Get in touch with us and see how you can make it a night to remember – for all the right reasons.