Rindoon, or Rinn Dúin in Irish, is where you can follow one of the the most enchanting looped walks in Ireland, past a castle, a church, a windmill, a hospital, bee boles, new born lambs as well as the Shannon lapping against the shore. With a hidden bluebell wood further on, numerous fairy trees, this is a very special area where heritage, nature and magic blend in to an unforgettable day’s walking. This guide is indebted to Richard & Liz Collins, proprietors of St. John’s House and to P.J. Grady for generously allowing people cross their lands on this walk.

If staying in Roscommon or Athlone, why not prepare a picnic and cycle the 10 miles out to Rindoon, heading along the N61 and turning off at Lecarrow. Gleesons in Roscommon will be happy to oblige with both! Take note of Coffey’s legendary pub on your right for later and also the Lecarrow canoe club on your left in the village. Large parts of the looped walk are part of a working farm, so please bear that in mind when taking your dog with you and needless to say, if you must open a gate, remember to close it. Other than that, enjoy yourself – you are exploring a really special part of Ireland.