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Want to travel and hear stories about the locality you’re passing through on your GPS device? With racontour, the audio upgrade version of the navigatour® smart travel guide, you can. Working as either a native app on both sat navs and smart phone devices or on the EveryTrail smart phone platform, racontour has successfully completed a wide variety of apps in Ireland in the last few years. Scroll through our list of free audio tours in our dropdown Places Covered menu and hear for yourself the wide variety of voices on offer to help you truly immerse yourself in the place you’re visiting. All racontour® tours are indicated by the audio icon before the tour name.

Why racontour?

  • Hear the audio description of an area
  • Works automatically as you travel
  • Remove ‘dead time’ from A to B
  • Informal, yet informed tone
  • Offers turn-by-turn directions
  • Wide range of subjects covered
  • Works on smart phones & sat navs
  • Comes with YouTube videos

Imagine racontour as being a 3D painting of a place. The racontour GPS audio service is a giant canvas of an area with the very best local voices acting as brush strokes to bring the place to life; every unknown facet, every noteworthy event is presented to you in a bold and original fashion. Hear the stories automatically as if by magic at the very spots where the events occurred. This mobile documentary augments a great day out in pleasant surroundings with a new vibrant dimension – the glory of the story.

Our sister service navigatour® allows you to look for, find out about and be brought to points of interest. racontour allows you to listen to a local voice telling you about that place. On our driving guides, this allows you to instantly experience the true ‘flavour’ and social history of that area. – as you drive around Yeats Country in Sligo/Leitrim, a local voice tells you about the famous landmarks the poet loved on your GPS device. On our walking guides, such as Cashel, you can walk around and hear about the various landmarks you are passing by. The best way to enjoy travelling is to both see and hear the wonder of that place. By using local voices and technology, you can now enjoy this service on your GPS device. Download today and get the most out of travelling.