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As partners with Trip Advisor, all our guides are de facto Trip Advisor Travel Guides on a town where we’ve produced a tour as well as on EveryTrail’s website. Consequently, when you are looking up a certain town where we’ve produced a guide, say Nenagh, you’ll see our Travel Guides appearing on the Trip Advisor page for Nenagh.

Interested in getting your town its own Trip Advisor Travel Guide? Click here for details on how to make it happen.

Having your own Travel Guide on Trip Advisor

Give your town a distinct marketing advantage by bringing the place to life with a combination of text and picture available as a free guide to your visitor from Trip Advisor to download onto an iPhone or Android device.

Our navigatour® guided heritage apps showcase all of your town’s

  • Local landmarks
  • Colourful characters
  • Historical points of interest
  • Curious & little known facts

Our self-guided walking tours are for some of the best heritage towns in the country from Donegal right down to Cork, via Roscommon, Nenagh, Cashel and Durrow. Simply click on this link to see and hear all of these heritage walks and select which sort of smartphone device you wish to download the material onto.

Please note – the content of any Travel Guide for any town must be impartial and be without interference according to Trip Advisor. To this effect, we recommend that you pay us only an assessment fee to begin with which will ascertain whether an enticing Travel Guide can be written that will help attract visitors. If in our opinion it cannot be made, we will inform you of this and no further work will be done on the project.

We are delighted to be able to offer your guided town walks via our Trip Advisor and EveryTrail partnership on either iPhone or Android platforms. Once done, you can also embed the material into your town’s website for direct download.

Fancy a stroll in the countryside with an audio guide? We also do innovative country walks. Try our Warren Point looped walk of Rinn Duin along by the banks of the Shannon. Our new Bluestack Way * app is the first of its kind in the country allowing the walker enjoy the full lore along its 51kms.

Countywide guides are also available – see the eclectic Donegal’s Greatest Shrines  guide or the find the 70 best attractions in County Donegal.

These Travel Guides are subject to the terms of the Licence Agreement <> .   They are best enjoyed with the EveryTrail Pro app which allows for offline touring.

racontour Audio guides®

Better still, as the visitor tours Ireland, our racontour® section adds to their enjoyment of the scenery as, through GPS technology, we supply them with  stories and anecdotes about each individual area, as they pass through it. These anecdotes and local histories are told by locals and will add hugely to any visitor’s enjoyment as drive, walk or cycle past a point of interest , using their sat nav or iPhone. racontour’s information on a particular site is automatically triggered when the visitor is close to that site and will greatly add to the tourist’s appreciation of the area – enabling the old world charm of storytelling to work seamlessly with modern day technology.