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South Roscommon Heritage Guide 21 hidden gems to discover

The South Roscommon Heritage Guide contains 21 of the best heritage sites located in South Roscommon. Some are well known, others are hidden gems, all are an essential part of our past and of Roscommon’s rich heritage. We hope you enjoy visiting some if not all of them. Some years back, Richard Collins of (the now former) St. John’s House B&B in Rindoon and Nollaig Feeney, Heritage Officer for County Roscommon, shared their joint passion for the heritage of their environs with this wonderful heritage guide. All of the places you might have heard of, as well as a few you’ll be glad to know of are included here. It’s a great addition to finding these hidden gems in the heart of Ireland.

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Daily itineraries

We suggest you cut and paste the location coordinates into Google Maps to be taken to each of the Points of Interest then play the audio piece. The sites are of course for you to decide on, but based on proximity and what can realistically be covered in a day allowing for time out and lunch, we’ve divided the points of interest into bunches allowing for daily itineraries: Day One: Points 1-4 Knockcroghery and Lecarrow. Day Two: Points 5-9 Roscommon Town. Day Three: Points 10-15 The Suck Valley. Day Four: Points 16-21 Down to the Shannon. Tips: The places listed on this Trail are spread out over 25 miles. A serious cyclist would be able to cover these places, but for someone hoping to enjoy a leisurely few days, we’d recommend driving. Available on our Audioboom Archive or as a Spotify playlist.

Old GPS tour

We first produced this grand tour on a GPS platform back in 2012 as part of the Real Roscommon Experience which was a native app. This platform is soon to expire – already certain parts of it no longer work, but it does allow you to see roughly where the various points of interest are located. Our default tour is the Spotify playlist combined with Google Maps to allow you find these gems and then to hear about them direct from the locals. 

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