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Mote Park Trail The big house

The Mote Park Trail brings us back to a time when the local aristocrats, the Croftons, held great sway in the area. Mote Park, the seat of the Crofton Family from the 16th century up until the 1940s is a gateway to heritage, history, flora, fauna and the environment. Located in the heart of County Roscommon, it is an ideal venue for outdoor activities for children and people of all ages. With our Trail, we’ll be bringing you to the site of Mote Park and the ancient and hauntingly beautiful resting place of Croftons through the ages, Kilmaine cemetery.

Through tumultuous times right up until the middle of the 20th century, the Croftons were at the heart of local events until the big house was finally knocked down in 1959. The family are remembered fondly for such activities as building the local infirmary to getting the railway line to pass through the town. Most importantly, they were regarded as kind and helpful landlords during the Great Famine. For a county that suffered more than most during this dark period, this is a factor worth emphasizing. Ably guided by local historian, John Kerrigan, we are delighted to bring you on the Mote Park Trail.

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