Enchanted Mountain Trail Be afraid, be very afraid

Roscommon does not have too many mountains and the one it has is hardly the most impressive of mountains, more of a hill really. However Sliabh Ban is a place one should not underestimate for what it lacks in topographical might, it more than makes up for in terms of its lore and mystique.

On a rainy day in Luke Gibbons pub, we gathered some locals to tell us a bit more about the place and heard of mysterious sightings of black cats, stories of fairies and their spells, of missing gold and ghosts, of ancient games and warriors. This is a trail aimed at the walkers and cyclists amongst you, but we should say it is also aimed at those who are not of a nervous disposition. Once up on the mountain, you too might experience the sensation that you may succumb to the will of the fairy folk and get lost, so come prepared and in company – you have been warned!