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Roscommon Uncommonly enjoyable

Explore the road less travelled

UPDATE: While no longer available as a native app, the individual tours are. All of the many captivating tales are still here for all to freely enjoy.

Welcome to the Real Roscommon Experience, seven guides with six audio tours and a Top 100 Guide which have been carefully crafted to capture the wonder and the mystique of the Roscommon countryside.

As you’ll sense from our video, the Rossies (as the locals are known) are a friendly and entertaining bunch. Don’t get too cosy mind as we have a slew of scary stories that befits a county that gave the world the original location for Halloween no less. 

Seven Wonders Rural Ireland's silent lore revealed


Experience everything from the bog gothic to just the bog itself with the Real Roscommon Experience. There’s a lot of fascinating places with big stories in the tours below, six of which have full audio tours for your enjoyment and entertainment. We’re pleased to say we’ve covered some great themes from myths to the big house, scary tales to a medieval city.

  1. Rindoon Looped Trail – the lost town of the Shannon
  2. South Roscommon Heritage Guide – 22 hidden gems of Roscommon
  3. Best of Roscommon Guide – all you’ll need to enjoy the county
  4. Bog, Rock and Lough Trail – exploring the very heart of Ireland
  5. The Suck Valley Trail – serpent, saints and sinners
  6. Enchanted Mountain Trail – ghost stories galore
  7. Mote Park Trail – the Lion and the House

Top image: Kilteevin mass rock

Bottom image: by the banks of Lough Ree