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Native apps are simply stand alone apps that can be found in one of the major app stores online. racontour offers native apps for iPhone and Android devices. We will help you develop a native app that suits your budget – from collation of material to submission to the app store, we will bring your place to life and ensure that it is available to a global audience.

We have produced three native apps for you to download for free. They are available for free in both the App Store and Google Play:

With a native app, a visitor can have all of the information they’ll need to really improve their time in your area. The app includes full contact details to websites, email addresses and telephone numbers of a place, so if the visitor likes the look of your local golf course, they can click on the telephone number contained within the app. With a few clicks of the one device, a visitor will be all set.

We pride ourselves in producing native apps that truly reflect the character of an area, rather than simply offering you a variety of commercial partners selling their wares. The visitor needs to know what makes your place special and that is what we will seek to highlight – the quirky, the hidden, the unique brought together through text, pictures, audio and visual media that will enthuse. Email us for a free quote on what we could do for your area.