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The Irish are known for their love of talking and story-telling. At racontour we believe that it is important to preserve the old stories, before the people who know them best pass on.

That’s how our Rambling House radio documentary series came about – a rambling house was a place where the people of Ireland gathered in the days before TV and radio, to be entertained and educated by their own community – with a warm fire and a bite to eat thrown in for good measure. The Rambling House documentary series recreate this atmosphere. Each show was recorded over a long evening of interesting tales, beautiful music and traditional song. Go to Rambling House to see and hear an example.

Having made the series, we honed our skills at producing these rambling house evenings and now offer this as one of our services. If you would like us to produce a rambling house in your area, please get in touch. We can organise it – with your input into the initial research of course – and record and edit it into podcasts for your website. The trick is to make it seem like it was effortlessly put together.