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The Irish are known for their love of talking and story-telling. At racontour, we believe that it is important to preserve the best stories, before the people who know them best pass on.

Our Rambling House storytelling radio series went out on local radio and is available online at anytime so that the stories and lore are preserved for generations to hear. Let us help you compile the stories of your area while there is still time and from the people who know and tell them best – the older generation whose world experience was crafted well before the mod cons we are surrounded with and maybe pampered by today.

There isn’t a half acre of Ireland that hasn’t got a story that deserves to be heard by all. We’ll happily help you research the story and prepare it for submission to the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland once a radio station, local or national comes on board to support it. We could of course produce the documentary solely for listening to online; the choice is yours.