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Destination Audit

Rather than reinvent the wheel on devising a well-crafted destination marketing plan, we’re happy to acknowledge that the best practice in this area for Ireland can be found in Fáilte Ireland’s Destination Development Plan.

Designing a plan that is in kilter with the national authority makes sense for when you need to liaise with them to augment your plans or seek funding.

We’ve highlighted some of the salient points from it to give you a flavour of what to expect. ‘Daunting’ is one word that might spring to mind after going through it. Don’t worry, yes it’s definitely a lot of work requiring research, liaising and assimilating long development plans and existing strategies – and that’s where we come in.

Fáilte Ireland themselves acknowledge the role of consultants, such as ourselves, and we would be happy to help bring such a plan to life for you.

A small favour saving us both some time

Once you’ve had a think about some of the questions at Section 4 below, perhaps you could email us your Section 4 answers prior to arranging a free consultation with us? We look forward to hearing from you in time.

Step 1: Establish a destination development group

1.1 Identify key stakeholders in the destination area

1.2 Review plans and strategies

1.3 Meet key stakeholders and establish partnerships

1.4 Build trust, credibility and understanding of the value of a destination plan

Step 2: Understand your destination and your visitors

2.1 Define what the destination has to offer

2.2 Consider how the destination is currently performing

2.3 Identify what the visitor wants

2.4 Look at your competitors, best practice and trends

2.5 Identify the lifecycle stage of the destination

2.6 Refine the Destination Proposition

Step 3: Developing the vision and strategy

3.1 Agree the structure of the Destination Plan

3.2 Agree a shared vision

3.3 Review the picture above noting its five categories

Step 4: Writing the destination plan

4.1 Write the destination plan

4.2 Identify resources and timescales

4.3 Set targets

Start your destination plan by answering the following questions:

  1. Where are we now?

What is currently happening in tourism in our destination?

  1. Where are we going?

What are we particularly good at as a tourism destination?

What do we want tourism to look like in our destination in the future – our vision?

How can do better than other destinations in competitive markets.

  1. How will we get there?

What actions do we need to take to achieve our vision? What are the likely benefits and/or consequences of each action?

Do we need to develop more things to do and see?

Do we need to improve the environment, for example, by addressing litter issues, providing parking for tourists, putting signage in place for visitor attractions etc?

What nationalities and types of people would be interested in visiting our destination and which of these should we try to attract?

Do we need to create a website or improve our website?

Do we need to do more marketing as a group?

Who will be responsible for carrying out each of the actions?

Step 5: Implement the plan and monitor success

5.1 Implement the plan

5.2 Monitor and measure success