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Audio Archive

This audio archive featured as both stand-alone clips and/or were used as part of our audio tours playing as the visitor approached the point of interest. There\’s a wide variety of themes below told both with professional narrators, but also with some of Ireland\’s finest characters, some sadly gone. We\’ve been revamping and remastering the many clips we have in our archive in 2021 on Audioboom as both podcasts on multiple channels and Spotify playlists, where possible.

Their deaths, though inevitable, are a salutary reminder that preserving local heritage through oral history is both a privilege and a pleasure in working in this field. We need more voices on the record and hope that with the DLG project in place, recordings like these will be commonplace in a few year\’s time.

Enjoy excerpts of some of the best stories, anecdotes and tales, available to listen for free anytime. we\’ve recorded a wide range of podcasts on everything from customs to idioms, anecdotes to recitations, mythology to folklore – mainly from Ulster, but plenty from beyond there too.

Best of Racontour

Overwhelmed by the number of podcasts we have? Ease yourself in with some of our favourites; many with extensive prose pieces to accompany the audio – you’ll find the full articles by going to our Audioboom page.

Causeway Coast

The panoramic causeway coast from County Derry to County Antrim in Northern Ireland has stories as stunning as the scenery.

Irish Miscellany

Apparently, to be a proper smörgåsbord, you need to have both hot and cold dishes served; we think this eclectic list of all aspects of Ireland qualifies accordingly. It’s a work in progress as our back catalogue expands.

Ulster Idioms

Sean McMahon is the burning bush on all things Ulster. We’ve been lucky enough to record him in action on the colourful phrases of, and about, Ulster.

Feast Days

There are a host of noteworthy days in the calendar that have significance to the Irish going back to before Christianity came to Ireland.

Irish Mythology

If Quentin Tarantino ever has writer’s block, he need look no further than Irish mythology to find a who’s who of psychopaths and sinners where violence, deception, mendacity, spells and revenge are the order of the day!


The northernmost part of Ireland is a peninsula in County Donegal with a myriad of sights and sounds that will captivate. Here’s our audio version of the Inishowen 100 – a host of fascinating stories that we’ve gathered.

Customs & Superstitions

Ireland is awash with myths, customs and superstitions. We’ve chronicled several over the years and are delighted to be able to tell you about everything from banshees to pookas, piseogs to fairy folk.

History & Heritage

Subjects I’ve been lucky enough to catch up on from people I’ve met in the five years I was back in Ireland from 2008.

Rural Life

Real Ireland starts when you get into the countryside. Lovely folk with a gentler funnier perspective on life.


Home sweet home. In this section, we bring you both podcasts complete with blogs relating to County Donegal. Many of the podcasts come from our sister site

Food & Drink

Heroes who help make these occasions that little bit special from Brian McDermott through to Peter Ward in Nenagh. We also throw in some curveballs from Walter Raleigh\’s garden to ironically enough Cookstown\’s forgotten daughter, Typhoid Mary!


A doff of the cap to some literary greats, with maybe a bit of mischief thrown in for good measure.


Life seems to go on without effort when I am filled with music.” Saluting some musical stars I’ve been lucky to meet.


Some humorous podcasts that will make you smile – there is talent out there that could put so called pros to shame! Come back to this section anytime you need cheering up. After all, we all need a hug in the morning!



Your podcasts?

You now have a flavour of what we\’ve been recording – surely you must be thinking by now that your own locality has a dozen or so individuals that could easily outdo our selection? Yes? 
Don\’t just think it, do something about it – pick up the phone or email me and let\’s talk about what might be possible. No obligations – let\’s just see if we can make it happen. 

Rambling House

We\’re keen to bring  Rambling Houses back across the country – and no, not in gyms or community halls, in proper heritage houses that set the tone for a night of storytelling. Get in touch if you want to set up such a house. For now, hear great Irish stories from Inishowen up in County Donegal recorded for our radio series, Rambling House.