John Ward is the founder of the navigatour® and racontour GPS smart travel services. He has had a long running interest in culture, technology, travel and innovation. Having established the services back in 2008 in Ireland, the racontour service team is now based in London and is keen to develop more exciting guides for Ireland, but would welcome the opportunity to work in either the UK, Europe or beyond.

We can produce a digital travel guide for you from scratch with all research, writing and editing done by us for the final production. Decide whether you want a cross platform native app – we pride ourselves on being able to offer our services for either Garmin or TomTom sat nav devices or iOS/Android or Windows Mobile devices. We can also have your travel guide available for the iPhone or Android smart phones on the EveryTrail platform which is owned by TripAdvisor and will therefore also appear as a Travel Guide on their website, albeit without audio.

Contact us at info@racontour.com today to see how we can help your area develop its full tourist potential using technology.